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developed to get you in your Bible and your Bible into you

Each of these monthly passage studies was originally developed as one of our online Bible Studies...

designed to get people into their Bibles,

studying, digging, seeking and hearing from God. 

We continue to make them freely available for your use. 

They are arranged in a monthly format,

and each one has introductory instructions and accompanying materials all accessible online.

Browse below to find out more, 

and always feel free to reach out with any questions!

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23 STRONG is a strength builder for both spirit and body! This unique program will challenge both the spirit and the physical through the setting of spiritual and physical aims for 23 days each month. The Bible Study portion is a thorough study of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7. 23 Strong can be done as a Bible Study only, or include the physical challenges as well. Study includes: Introductory items, Structure, Bible Study materials, Videos from Sharon Thomas, Tracking Sheets and more!   Originally offered in 2023, but still useful for any year. 

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MEDITATE is a simple but unique approach to Bible Study.  Weekly Scripture passages are arranged into monthly themes and each week, six daily "movements" of meditation... Reading, Copying, Pondering, Praying, Listening and Sharing are encouraged through a Movement Sheet.  Study includes: Introductory materials, 12 monthly Themes and Scripture Passages, weekly Movement Sheets and Videos from Sharon Thomas. 

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ME and MY BIBLE...  this approach of Bible Study, will powerfully build confidence in you for studying Scripture… just you and your Bible, the living active Word of God!

Study includes: introductory materials, monthly Scripture passages, 4 tools for weekly passage studies, Scripture prayer images, and a video teachings from Sharon Thomas.

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SOUL PILATES utilizes the dynamics of physical Pilates and puts them into action for spiritual "workouts" of the soul, getting God's Word into your mind, will and emotions. 

Study includes: introductory materials, monthly Scripture passages, a variety of suggestions for study and meditation of that passage, weekly Scripture prayer images, and video teachings from Sharon Thomas.

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