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23 STRONG is a personalized monthly commitment to living STRONG both spiritually and physically!

23 Strong was the online study focus of Established Footsteps in 2023, but anyone can access and use it long past 2023. 

On this page, you will find information to tell you all about it,  

starting with your personal invitations in the video below!

23 Strong.png

General Invitation

What is 23 Strong? Tell Me More! 

We are excited to tell you more!  

Below you will find a chart that shows a visual description.

And, you'll find 2 videos where Sharon Thomas describes the 23 Strong experience

and shares how to get started!

Basic Visual Overview PP..jpg

Questions You May Have... and Answers Too!

You've got questions...  we have answers! 

Tune in to the VIDEO below for helpful information

that will answer questions you may have about 23 Strong!

*One question people are asking often is, "How do I join 23 Strong?" 

Quick answer to that question... you don't have to subscribe and there is no charge to join in... 

You will need access to our Facebook page, so you will want to subscribe to that... 

and videos will post on our YouTube channel, so we encourage you to subscribe to it too

fb icon.jpg
youtube icon.jpg

 Choosing Your Aims

Choosing your aims is a big deal, because your aims are the commitments you

are making for 23 days, so you want to choose well!

We encourage you to PRAY first and ask God to guide your decisions. 

Then... we have several helps for you below as you choose your aims:

A PDF Visual of our suggestions* that you can print

Suggestion* Lists Images  for each of the 6 focus points

(*feel free to choose other things too)  

A Video to talk you through choosing your aims

We are also adding Videos that zoom in on the how/why/what of each aim. 

We have the Spiritual Food, and Spiritual Fitness below and just recently added,

A Day in the Life of Meeting My Aims.

Suggestions Spiritual Fitness.png
suggestions Spiritual Food.png
suggestions Physical Food.png
Suggestions Physical Fitness.png
Suggestions Spiritual Function.png
Suggestions Physical Funtion.png

Tracking Sheets

Each month we encourage you to print/fill out a


so you can put your commitments on paper and track your progress.

Find the link to print the sheet below. 

We are also hoping to create an optional digital tracking form you can also fill out and submit 

for accountability... and so that we can pray for you!  

We'll keep you posted on that development!  

Tips for Success

Bible Study Details

If you choose to participate in the

Spiritual Food and Fitness Aims (Bible Study) with us,

you will find the information you need below.

We are in process of adding all of the Monthly Bible Study Image Cards and hope to have all 12 months here soon!

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