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getting away with God and experiencing transformation
Fall Bible Getaway

Over the years, we've had the privilege of teaching and ministering at many wonderful retreats.

After learning much through these experiences, the Lord called us to lead our own retreat, and in 2014

we hosted the first Fall Bible Getaway on the OBX shores of North Carolina, and saw the Lord truly work wonders! 











Over the years God's wonders at the Fall Bible Getaway have increased in many ways,












and we just completed our 10th Fall Bible Getaway this past October!   

God has also birthed a dream in our hearts to build a house on the shore called 

The Father's House

where we can host many retreats throughout the year, and we are believing He will bring this to be!

In fact, our faith in that dream is so big that we are now hosting Fall Bible Getaway and any other retreats we host, under the heading of, The Father's House!

Throughout these beginning years of our retreat ministry,

we have been blessed to see God work so deeply in the lives of people as we creatively and wholeheartedly

seek His face in His Word together over a whole weekend.

We believe that some of the sweetest fruit of our ministry has come from these retreat experiences!

So, if you have never experienced a Fall Bible Getaway, you just have to come. 

Women have attended from all over the country and even overseas.

We know it is an experience that will truly mark your life for eternity.  

Our 2024 spots are all full, but reach out if you would like to be on a waiting list for cancellations. 











And please pray with us over this dream of The Father's House,

because we would love to see you there one day too!

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