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Bible Studies designed to lead you through God's Word

Each of the studies below were written by

Sharon Thomas

to guide you through amazing Truths in God's Word. 

The format for each study varies, but each book is completely available in PDF form

for download and print. 

Some also include audio and video teaching links.

Just click and get started! 

Who We Are
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Face to Face Outside Front Cover 2016.jpg

Face to Face with His Lovingkindness is a Bible Study based on Psalm 103:1-18.  The "lovingkindness of God" is defined as His goodness, kindness and faithfulness.  Explore how good it is in multiplied ways as you journey through this study.  

Loving Life OFC1024_1.jpg

Loving Life is a Bible Study based on I Peter 3:10-15.  Found in the New Testament, this passage is a quote from the Old Testament and is full of rich Truth that clearly defines the joy of loving our life as we live in God's ways.

Bible Study Books

sls front cover.jpg

So Long Self is a study of Romans 6 and is designed to set the believer free from the power of sin and self. Accompanied by audio teachings this study is a serious journey through sanctification.  Find audio teachings HERE

A Bible Study Front Cover both sides with crop marks and bleed1024_1.jpg

Jesus Up Close and Personal is a study of 6 moments of Jesus' life on earth as described in the Gospels. Using a Bible Study tool called Bible Study 101, this study leads believers into wonderful encounters with Jesus. Videos accompany this study and you can find them HERE

establish my footsteps in Your Word, so sin will not have power over me...
Psalm 119:132

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