2020 Bible Focus

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Experience Communion

cheering women who are in dark places on to love God's Word

"For You have delivered my soul from death, indeed my feet from stumbling, so that I may walk before God in the light of the living.."  

Psalm 56:13
Jail Friends Leader, Mary Maney

We are a group of women who are rooted in God, planted in His church, and are passionate about seeing women break free from bondage.

Our vision is to reach out to women who are currently working in the sex industry, letting each one know there is a God who loves and cherishes her beyond measure.

Our goal is to visit clubs where they work, reaching out with a gift which invites them into friendship. Through that friendship we aim to encourage them through prayer, testimony, and the Word of God, in order to help them realize how valuable they are.

Our desire is that through these friendships, each woman would begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and experience the breaking of chains

and healing of wounds through the power of His Word.

Cherished Leader,
Carlie Gabbert

We are a group of women who are rooted in God, planted in His church,

and we are passionate about seeing women encourage their children to grow in the Lord.

Our vision as Christian women is to reach out to mothers and grandmothers who are currently incarcerated, and encourage them in their mothering roles by offering a unique opportunity for them to connect with their children and grandchildren in reading.

Our goal is to strengthen their own reading skills, and also give them an opportunity to offer assistance in strengthening the reading skills of their own children.

Our desire is that these women would experience the love of Christian women who are coming alongside them in this life skill.  Through this experience we gain opportunities to share Truth and also supply these moms and grandmothers the opportunity to encourage their children to be able to read and comprehend the Truth of God’s Word.

BBWB Leader, Marilyn Johansson

Established Footsteps Ministry

PO Box 15575 

Newport News, VA 23608