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2019 Calendar

Established Footsteps Volunteer Teams

January 14        Team Prayer Call

January 16        Leadership Team Meeting

February 11      Team Prayer Call

March 6             Leadership Team Meeting

March 11           Quarterly Prayer Gathering

April 8               Team Prayer Call          

May 8                Leadership Team Meeting

May 13              Team Prayer Call

June 10             Quarterly Prayer Gathering

July 8                 Team Prayer Call

July 16               Leadership Team Meeting

August 12          Team Prayer Call

September 3     Leadership Team Meeting

September 27    Living Light Mission Night and Prayer Gathering

October 7          Team Prayer Call

November 4       Team Prayer Call

November 12     Leadership Team Meeting

December 9       Quarterly Prayer Gathering


January 25        Sharon at Petsworth Baptist, Gloucester, VA

February 1        Sharon at Hampton Christian High School, Hampton, VA

Feb 22 - 25       Marvin and Sharon at Marriage Conference, Coastal Church, Charleston, SC

April 13             Sharon at City Life Church

June 7               Marvin and Sharon at First Friday, City Life Church, NN, VA

Oct. 17-20         Sharon at EF Fall Bible Getaway, OBX, NC

EF Women's Ministry

January 1         Soul Pilates Begins - Month 1: Psalm 1

February 1       Soul Pilates Month 2: Matthew 6:25-34

February 5       WM Leadership Team Meeting

March 1           Soul Pilates Month 3: Colossians 3:1-17        

April 1             Soul Pilates Month 4: Isaiah 61

April 2             WM Leadership Team Meeting

May 1              Soul Pilates Month 5: Matthew 6:9-13 

June 1             Soul Pilates New Month Begins

June 25            Paint the Word Night, Yorktown, VA

Oct.17-20        Fall Bible Getaway, OBX, North Carolina

Living Light 

January 5         BBWB Jail Outreach

January 11       Cherished Meeting and Outreach

January 22       Jail Friends/BBWB Team Meeting

February 2          BBWB Jail Outreach

February 8       Cherished Meeting and Outreach 

February 26     Jail Friends/BBWB Team Meeting

March 2           BBWB Jail Outreach

March 8           Cherished Meeting and Outreach

March 26         Jail Friends/BBWB Team Meeting

April 6             BBWB Jail Outreach

April 12           Cherished Meeting and Outreach

April 23           Jail Friends/BBWB Team Meeting

May 3              BBWB Jail Outreach

May 10            Cherished Meeting and Outreach

May 28            Jail Friends/BBWB Team Meeting 

June 1               BBWB Jail Outreach

June 7               Cherished Meeting and Outreach

June 26           Jail Friends/BBWB Team Meeting

Sept. 27          Living Light Mission Night, NN VA


At this time we do not have any upcoming trips planned... 

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